Personalize your greeting and promote your vet practice between messages at no extra cost.

Veterinary On Hold Telephone Messages

$475 annual cost

Receive a new veterinary program each season (spring, summer, fall, winter, and holiday), studio recorded with professional male and female voice talent backed with pleasant music. Each season's on hold program is different from last year's and addresses current pet concerns applicable to any region of the United States. You receive a disc with the new program at the beginning of the each season. Your initial personalization is free and inserted between the topics each season.

Winter Sample

Spring Sample

Summer Sample

Fall Sample

Holiday Sample

Initial Personalization & Updates

Initial Personalization:
Personalization Updates:
$50 one-time cost

Tell your customers about special offers, hours, location, why you standout from your competition, and other important details. Just answer a few questions about your practice, and we'll compose a script for you to review.

Personalization Sample 1

Personalization Sample 2

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Custom Veterinary On Hold Messages

Feel like your business doesn't quite fit into our pre-recorded program? Choose from several custom message options to get an on hold message that better fits your business.

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