You’ll prevent hang-ups when you inform and entertain on hold customers with general information about Ace Hardware as well as courtesy messages to reassure your customers that you have not forgotten them.

Ace On Hold Messages without Personalization

$39 monthly cost

Receive a new set of messages featuring Ace's best buys. All messages are studio recorded with professional male and female voice talent backed with pleasant music:

Ace Hardware Monthly Message Sample 1

Ace Hardware Monthly Message Sample 2

Ace Hardware Monthly Message Sample 3

Ace Hardware Monthly Message Sample 4


1 Personalization:
$39 monthly cost
2 Personalizations:
$49 monthly cost

Choose two personalizations, and keep your messages fresh twice per year. Tell your customers about special offers, seasonal hours, location, and other important details. Just answer a few questions about your Ace store, and we'll compose a script for you to review.

Personalization Sample 1

Personalization Sample 2

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Custom Ace Hardware On Hold Messages

Feel like your business doesn't quite fit into our pre-recorded Ace program? Choose from several custom message options to get an on hold message that better fits your business.

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