Plus, personalize your on hold program with details about your office and special services.

RE/MAX On Hold Telephone Messages

$275 one-time cost

Receive all of the following 12 pre-recorded messages, studio recorded with professional male and female voice talent backed with pleasant music. Also included is a holiday program.

RE/MAX Promotion

Shopping for a Mortgage

Pre-Qualify for your Mortgage

First Impressions

Preparing Your Home for Sale

Tips for Selling Your Home


Tips for Buying a Home

Commercial Services


RE/MAX Balloon

Marketing Strategies

Initial Personalization & Updates

$50 one-time cost

Tell your clients about special offers, hours, location, why you standout from your competition, and other important details. Just answer a few questions about your RE/MAX office, and we'll compose a script for you to review.

Personalization Sample 1

Personalization Sample 2

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Digital Message Player

$290 one-time cost

Get a state-of-the-art digital player with MP3 technology for this low price when you purchase the RE/MAX on hold message program with personalization. The player has excellent sound quality and is backed by a three year warranty.

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Custom RE/MAX On Hold Messages

Feel like your business doesn't quite fit into our pre-recorded program? Choose from several custom message options to get an on hold message that better fits your business.

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