Plus, you can personalize your message with your contact and claim information.

Insurance On Hold Telephone Messages

$275 one-time cost

Receive all of the following 10 pre-recorded messages, studio recorded with professional male and female voice talent backed with pleasant music. Also included is a holiday program.

The Right Auto Coverage for You

Lowering Insurance Rates

Maintaining Adequate Homeowners Insurance

Term Versus Permanent Life Insurance

Coverage Available for Businesses

Plan Ahead

Motorcycle Coverage

Check Your Life Insurance

Claim Service

Umbrella Policy

Initial Personalization & Updates

$50 one-time cost

Tell your clients about special offers, hours, location, why you standout from your competition, and other important details. Just answer a few questions about your insurance office, and we'll compose a script for you to review.

Personalization Sample 1

Personalization Sample 2

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Digital Message Player

$290 one-time cost

Get a state-of-the-art digital player with MP3 technology for this low price when you purchase the insurance on hold program with personalization. The player has excellent sound quality and is backed by a three year warranty.

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Custom Insurance On Hold Messages

Feel like your business doesn't quite fit into our pre-recorded program? Choose from several custom message options to get an on hold message that better fits your business.

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