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On Hold Messages

Creating on hold messages for your business has never been easier. The staff at onHold Productions has the experience to answer any question you may have, so if you can't find your answer here, please contact us.


How does the custom process work?
Give us a call and one of our customer service representatives will talk with you about your business and recommend the on hold message program best suited for you along with any equipment you may need. Together, we will define your program's objective and the content of your messages. Then our professional scriptwriters will compose a script that will help you get the most out of your on hold message. Once you approve the script, it will be studio recorded with professional male and female voice talent, include any special sound effects or advertising jingles, and backed with pleasant music. The program is digitally recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered in studio by our experienced audio engineers and provided to you in the required media format.

Will on hold message programs work on all phones?
YES! About 95% of the phones used in businesses today have on-hold capabilities, so it's very likely on hold messages will work for you. To verify, make sure your phone system has a switching box called a key box or brain. This is usually located in a closet or back room. Your phone vendor can tell you if your system has this capability. If not, we have adapters to get you "on hold ready".

How many messages are on a finished product and how long are they?
Our standard program is six minutes in length and will include six to eight messages (each about a paragraph), but this can be more or less depending on the length of the messages. The messages are usually 30 to 40 seconds in length. Music is placed in the background of the voices and between the messages. Programs are also available in other time lengths.

How often can I change program content?
You can change your program any time for a small studio fee. If you anticipate you will require changes, you can save money by choosing one of our plans (semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly). Ask your sales representative to help evaluate your business needs.

Who writes the script?
We do - with the information you provide to us about your products and services. Our staff of writers and producers will help you pull that information together. It's very easy! You will review and approve the script before we do the production. The total time that it will take for you to receive the completed production from the time we receive your information is seven to 14 days.

What about choice of music?
We have a complete, digitally recorded, licensed compact disc library with styles ranging from classical, pop FM, easy listening, jazz...even rock and roll!

Who installs the equipment?
In most cases, the playback equipment easily connects to the music on hold feature of the telephone. We provide complete installation instructions. In some cases the phone vendor or service company may need to install the music on hold equipment.

Are all the messages heard on all the lines?
Whenever someone is placed on hold, regardless of what or how many lines, the messages are heard at the point of the program at which they enter. The program doesn't start over each time someone is placed on hold.

How do I get started?
Call us now at 1-800-233-6356 or email us, and we'll get you started with everything you need.


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