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By not advertising your business with on hold messages, you are throwing money away.

You spend the vast majority of your marketing budget on just getting them to call. It only makes sense to spend a few bucks to keep them on the line when they do.

90% of callers with silence on hold will hang up within 40 seconds, and 30% of those that hang up never call back.*

Music will keep callers on the line 30 seconds longer than silence.*

Information will keep callers on the line for up to three minutes longer* and increase requests for products by 12%.**

     *According to North America Telecom. **According to study by US West Communications


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As a leading on-hold message provider, we've helped thousands of businesses like yours maximize on-hold marketing. You can personalize a pre-recorded package of messages for your industry or create custom messages unique to you.

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Everything you need including equipment and help with installation

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