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Greet your callers with a professional voice and present a polished, unified image in all your spoken-word communications. Whether it's auto attendants, voicemail greetings, telephone prompts, or audio for your website, On Hold Productions can give a professional voice to your brand.


Auto Attendant Recordings
Up to 100 words                                                             $125 one-time cost
101 to 200 words                                                            $150 one-time cost
201 to 300 words                                                            $175 one-time cost
301 to 400 words                                                            $200 one-time cost
401 to 500 words                                                            $225 one-time cost
Over 500 words                                                             Call us for a quote

Telephone system prompts influence your callers’ impression of your entire organization. In most cases, the auto attendant is first contact a caller has with your company. Don't risk loosing creditability or sounding hokey with announcements recorded by someone on your staff who has a "good voice", but is not professional. Sound efficient and competent by greeting your callers with a warm, friendly, and professional voice that guides them through the auto attendant menus.
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Auto Attendant Sample

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Voicemail Recordings                                                    $75 one-time cost

Present yourself with a professional recording for your voicemail that matches the voice of your auto attendant. The consistency will convey that your organization pays attention to the details and runs a smooth operation.
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Voice prompts and announcements are delivered as digital files that you can easily install yourself.


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Custom Solutions

Custom on hold messages, voicemail,
and auto attendants are also available.
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